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The Shetland Summer Photo-tour

Newly revised for our 2023 summer program, this photo-tour offers unparalleled opportunity and insight for photographers seeking to capture the best of Shetland’s summer wildlife. Designed by Shetland naturalist and photographer, Brydon Thomason, this tour is inspired by a lifetime of knowledge of the islands and their wildlife.

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The Tipling, Tesni, Thomason Tour

An exciting new photo-tour collaboration, on which we are thrilled to combine the expertise and leadership of David Tipling and Tesni Ward through our local knowledge, inspired by a lifetime spent among the islands and their wildlife.

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Shetland Seabirds & Otters

Focussing primarily on seabirds and otters, this unique photo-tour features the combined expertise, local knowledge and personalities of multiple tour-leaders ensuring unparalleled opportunities and overall experience.

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Shetland Winter Wildlife Photography

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One-to-One and Bespoke Photography Itineraries

These itineraries are aimed at experienced and professional photographers that want a very high standard of experience and the opportunity to produce unique and very exciting images from Shetland’s most iconic species and spectacles.

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Arctic Seaducks & Puffins – Northern Finland & Norway

This photography tour is timed in a way we can photograph wintering King and Steller’s Eiders, but also spring migrants such as Atlantic Puffins and other seabirds on snow in Varanger! Starting in Finnish Lapland, we have the best opportunity to photograph Pine Grosbeaks, Siberian Tits, and Siberian Jays as well. This is also a great time for Aurora Borealis!

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Shetland Otter Photography Tours

Specialist one-to-one guiding service for photographers looking to photograph wild otters – undoubtedly one of the most sought after, challenging and ultimately rewarding subjects for wildlife photographers in Britain.

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