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Shetland’s Simmer Dim Nature Photography

Our unique wildlife photography holiday/workshop in the enchanting Northern Isles led jointly by Richard Shucksmith, Josh Jaggard and Brydon Thomason. This unrivalled itinerary offers photographers the widest range of opportunities to capture the very best of Shetland from dedicated otter tracking days, Gannet feeding frenzy boat charter, visiting three National Nature Reserve seabird colonies, purpose built bird hides, landscape opportunities, hands on learning and much more…

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Shetland Photo Safari with David Tipling

An exciting and educational photo-safari / mini-break, brand new to our 2017 program. Led jointly by David Tipling, one of the UK’s best known bird photographers, author of bestselling titles such as the RSPB Digital Guide to Wildlife Photography and Brydon Thomason, a native Shetland naturalist with over 30 years local knowledge of the islands and their wildlife.

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Otter Photography with Brydon Thomason

Specialist one-to-one guiding service for photographers looking to photograph wild otters – undoubtedly one of the most sought after, challenging and ultimately rewarding subjects for wildlife photographers in Britain.

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Focus On Otters – photography, ecology and fieldcraft

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One-to-One and Bespoke Photography Itineraries

These itineraries are aimed at experienced and professional photographers that want a very high standard of experience and the opportunity to produce unique and very exciting images from Shetland’s most iconic species and spectacles.

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Autumn on Shetland ‐ Nature, Light & Land

This exciting new autumn workshop showcases the enchanting northern isles in the magical and ever changing autumn light. Led by Richard Shucksmith and Brydon Thomason the workshop targets a unique combination of the islands wild and untamed sea and landscapes and an opportunity to focus on the wildlife of the season.

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Species Specific Assignments

It stands to reason that the more you get to know a species and the more time you spend with it, the more you understand it and the better your encounters become. With this in mind, when it comes to photographing a species this is very much the case and we have found ‘Species Specific assignment’ to be the most productive, popular and rewarding approach to creating a portfolio of images and to work towards the competition entries we all aspire to.

Knowing the ecology and behaviour of your subject well and with guidance to the best locations, at the best times and offering advice on new techniques provides the opportunity shoot more than conventional portrait shots and explore both the behaviour of the animal and the creativity of photography.

It has been by way of popular demand from photographers seeking our guidance to photograph Shetlands most iconic wildlife that encouraged us to launch this totally unique program of Species assignments throughout the seasons. These assignments are available as one to one assignments and can be tailored for your requirements or as small group workshops with set dates.

Shetland Otter & Puffin Photo-Assignment

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Shetland Otter & Gannet Photo-Assignment

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Bird Hide Photography with Brydon Thomason

All my life I have been inspired by the natural environment I have grown up in here on Shetland. There are some of Shetland’s most iconic and evocative speciality species however that have really tantalised me and especially even more so over recent years, from a photographic perspective. With some of these species, along with their iconic status, comes a real challenge to photographers, whether it is through protection and licensing and or shy and elusive behaviour and this is why I started to make it happen for myself by innovating sites and developing my own hides.

I have innovated, designed and developed a range of hides which I have built myself to work on several of our iconic species. By doing this, I have created a niche here in Shetland and by doing so offer unique and specialist opportunities for photographers seeking a higher level of photo assignment.

Long-tailed Duck – Bird Hide Photography

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Raven – Bird Hide Photography

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Arctic Skua – Bird Hide Photography

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