One-to-One and Bespoke Photography Itineraries

With Brydon Thomason

One to one assignments are becoming increasingly more popular with me in recent years and it is little wonder given the exclusivity of such itineraries. These itineraries are aimed at experienced and professional photographers that want a very high standard of experience and the opportunity to produce unique and very exciting images from Shetland’s most iconic species and spectacles.

With these trips a photographer has the opportunity to work extensively on a more ‘species assignment’ basis and can work on producing a very unique portfolio of particular species. Also with the itinerary designed to suit the client, we can work the hours that suit for the species you choose to work on, as opposed to a ‘group itinerary’ that revolves around a balance to suit everyone’s needs and abilities. These can be and most of the time are dawn to dusk. If the light’s good and we want to stay out on Hermaness shooting Puffins or Gannets till sunset, we will, or if the tide for Otters means getting up at four or five in the morning, we will.

Ultimately there is something very special about these itineraries as photographers come away with a unique portfolio of images that they have not taken alongside or as part of a group.

My purpose built hides also feature in these itineraries and exclusive access to work on Arctic Skua Bathing pool and Great Skua club site form part of a summer season itinerary.

For advanced and more specialist assignments for experienced and or professional nature photographers there is the unique opportunity to work on Merlin and Red-throated diver under a special schedule 1 license.

I have enjoyed putting together and leading one to one itineraries for photographers seeking to photograph Otters and work on the islands most iconic species from all over the world, which has included some of the Uk’s top wildlife photographers such as Pete Cairns, David Tipling, Steve Young, Neil McIintyre and Mark Hamblin and this year Markus Varesvuo, one of Europes leading bird photographers. You can read about Markus’s week with me and view his stunning images: A Week on Shetland by Markus Varesvuo

I am very fortunate that as word spreads my calendar tends to fill well in advance of the season ahead.

Here is also some examples from previous guests:


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