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We are a wildlife tour company operating in the Shetland Islands, right at the very top of the British Isles.

We specialise solely on the islands world renowned natural heritage. Owned and operated by a native Shetlander, our Holidays and Tours offer a truly unique and authentic Shetland experience. Find out more About Us »

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Shetland – the northern extremity of the British Isles. A remote archipelago of over 100 Islands, much of it lying beyond 60°N. A land where the summer sun barely dips below the horizon and the scenery and wildlife combine to create an inspiring and unforgettable experience, it is a place that few people visit only once…

Imagine yourself; thrilling at the spectacle of Killer Whales hunting seals, in a boiling swell below towering cliffs… enthralled as you track a family of wild otters as they go about their daily business along a beautiful and remote stretch of coastline… and then later that day marvelling at the intensity of life in one of our bustling seabird colonies… with ‘Shetland Nature’ a dream like this can become a reality.

Doug Allan

As we explored stretches of shoreline where he knew the otter territories, Brydon patiently explained about heeding the wind direction, staying off the skyline, talking softly, how to look for the tell tale signs of the otter signs and holts. I’ve worked with many guides while filming, and I could see he had real sensitivity and all the patience. The afternoon slipped by effortlessly watching a female with her two cubs full frame binocular view, diving, catching fish and taking them ashore to eat and playing on the shore. Simply magic.
Doug Allan – Wildlife Cameraman

Iolo Williams

Thanks very much for such an enjoyable time on Unst. The wildlife and people are memorable and really made my time up there special. You know you’ve had a good day when icterine warbler, great reed warbler, red-backed shrike, otter and frog orchids are finished off with a pint of real ale from the Valhalla brewery! All the best
Iolo WilliamsBBC Springwatch presenter

Simon King

The Shetland Islands are one of the most thrilling wilderness areas in Britain. The wildlife is exotic and varied, but can be elusive. With Brydon’s (and the Shetland Nature team’s) guidance you not only have a much better chance of seeing many of the gold-star species Shetland harbours, but will be in the company of a top team, who can bring the Islands alive whatever the weather.
Simon King– Wildlife filmmaker and presenter

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