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Bird Hide Photography

with Brydon Thomason

All my life I have been inspired by the natural environment I have grown up in here on Shetland. There are some of Shetland’s most iconic and evocative speciality species however that have really tantalised me and especially even more so over recent years, from a photographic perspective. With some of these species, along with their iconic status, comes a real challenge to photographers, whether it is through protection and licensing and or shy and elusive behaviour and this is why I started to make it happen for myself by innovating sites and developing my own hides (view blog post about the work behind the scenes).

I have innovated, designed and developed a range of hides which I have built myself to work on several of our iconic species. By doing this, I have created a niche here in Shetland and by doing so offer unique and specialist opportunities for photographers seeking a higher level of photo assignment.

Species available to work on from these hides

I have innovated a few sites for some sought after species after having monitored suitability, tolerance and logistics. These are always popular on the wish lists of visiting photographers. Each of these hides are available for rental and can be suitable for more than one photographer (except for the Ravens on the nest, which is for one only).

Long-tailed Duck – Bird Hide Photography

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Raven – Bird Hide Photography

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Arctic Skua – Bird Hide Photography

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