Wild Scotland Membership

Shetland Nature is proud to be the first full member of Wild Scotland in Shetland.  Wild Scotland is the Scottish Wildlife and Nature Tourism Operators Association – a not-for-profit organisation comprising of wildlife and nature tourism professionals, all of whom are committed to delivering a first class wildlife-watching experience.

Wild Scotland’s Vision

We believe that ‘Scotland is Europe’s No.1 Wildlife Watching Destination’.

We aim to achieve this by ‘encouraging the commercial operation, development and promotion of wildlife and nature tourism in Scotland in ways which are sustainable environmentally, economically and socially’.

Wild Scotland’s Aims

  • Aim High: prove Wild Scotland’s claim that Scotland is Europe’s No.1 Wildlife-Watching Destination, through a commitment to the values below.
  • Promotion: promote Scottish wildlife and nature tourism operators through a range of marketing initiatives and activities.
  • Awareness: raise awareness of opportunities and issues relating to and affecting sustainable wildlife watching to visitors, the general public, the tourism industry and other key stakeholders.
  • Standards and Best Practice: ensure a quality and sustainable experience for visitors by identifying and promoting best practice in the sector and establishing and/or adopting appropriate codes of conducts and standards.
  • Communication: provide networking opportunities for the exchange of ideas on wildlife and tourism-related issues. Also represent the interests of the Association and its members to Government, public agencies and other organisations.

Find out more about Wild Scotland at http://www.wild-scotland.org.uk