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Shetland Nature Holidays

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General Wildlife Watching Holidays

The Shetland Nature Experience – with Iolo Williams

Experience our most popular, exciting and informative wildlife watching itinerary with Television wildlife presenter Iolo Williams. Together with the local knowledge and expertise of our team of wildlife guides this action packed itinerary provides informed and exclusive insight from several naturalist guides into the best of the islands wildlife.

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The Shetland Nature Experience

This eight night and seven full days wildlife adventure is our renowned ‘flagship holiday’ which showcases the Shetland Islands, its cultural heritage and, most of all, its outstanding natural environment like no other.

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Shetland Spring Experience Long Weekend

An enthralling and adventurous long weekend that has been specially designed for visitors wishing to indulge themselves in the best that Shetland has to offer over a compact short break.

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Shetland Late Summer Experience

Shetland in late summer is a very special place, marked by a heady cocktail of breath taking scenery, isolation and tranquillity. The transformation between summer and autumn in Shetland is a subtle but special one which offers a wealth of stunning wildlife-watching opportunities.

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The Shetland Otter Experience

A totally unique holiday dedicated to otters, led by otter addicts – for otter addicts! This holiday profiles one of Britain’s most loved, captivating and admired mammals, led by well known otter guides.

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Shetland in Winter – Birds, Otters and Up Helly Aa

A unique mid-winter Shetland adventure in search of the evocative winter wildlife the islands harbour, culminating with an unforgettable night at Shetland’s world famous Up Helly Aa fire festival.

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Shetland Winter Wildlife Weekends

New for this winter from November through to March we are offering a ‘Winter Wildlife Weekend’ package which is run on a bespoke/tailored format from Friday to Monday.

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Walking, Insight & Nature Holidays

Discover Shetland

Discover Shetland’s wildlife, cultural heritage, geology, history and archeology. An unrivaled island experience, guided by three highly regarded leaders each offering their own area of expertise.

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The Shetland Islands Walking Holiday

A totally unique walker’s discovery of the Shetland Islands. Written and co-led by three native Shetlanders, this island hopping walking holiday is a collaboration of three local tour companies featuring Allen Fraser of Shetland Geotours, James Tait of Island Trails and Brydon Thomason of Shetland Nature, which offers an authentic and informed island insight like no other.

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Birding Holidays

Shetland Spring Birding

Shetland in spring and summer is a very special place, marked by a heady cocktail of breathtaking scenery, isolation and tranquillity. The reward for travelling this far north is a dazzling combination of wildlife, so rich and varied it’s hard to squeeze into a few words.

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Shetland Autumn Birding

In association with Birdwatch and BirdGuides – With a cast of experienced, well-known birders and renowned Shetland rarity finders Roger Riddington, Brydon Thomason, Micky Maher and Rob Fray (amongst others), our itineraries offer an unrivalled Shetland birding experience.

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Fair Isle and Shetland Autumn Birding

Led by former FIBO warden of 12 years, Deryk Shaw, and staying five nights at the newly built Observatory, this holiday offers a truly authentic and exciting opportunity to enjoy the Fair Isle birders’ experience to the full.

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