The Island of Yell

As it is a busy summer season here on Shetland our guiding team is already fully booked through July to August 12th 2022 and we are unable to take any new bookings for daytours within these dates.

Locations Overview

  • Burravoe
  • Old Haa Museum
  • Cullivoe
  • Breckon
  • Gloup
  • West Sandwick

The island of Yell is the second largest of the Shetland Islands after Mainland. It is possibly one of the most understated of the Northern Isles. This is an island that if you take time to detour from the main road through to the onward ferry, you are sure to be in awe of its secluded beaches, stunning vistas and fabulous wildlife.  Many visitors with limited time will often prioritise a day on the most Northerly Island of Unst. But Yell is absolutely an island that deserves to be explored- and if so, is sure to be admired.

We circumnavigate the islands roads and along the way enjoy the stunning coastal scenery, secluded sand beaches and settlement. We need to keep a keen eye on the coast too- the islands shores are home to some of the highest density of otters in the country and with this in mind, with a bit of luck and if tides are in our favour, we have a decent chance of an encounter throughout our day.

will visit a small colony of one of Shetlands most iconic Shetland seabirds, and Bird Club emblem the Black Guillemot. Known locally as ‘Tysties’, their wholly black body plumage, stunning red legs and gape and white wing panel it is little wonder that these are a firm favorite for birdwatchers. Views of this species are usually distant and from the ferry however we feel this special bird deserves a special place in our itinerary and so include a visit to a secluded site where we can enjoy a unique insight into these charismatic seabirds and enjoy them interact in and around their colony.

Heading north our first stop will be Burravoe. We will enjoy a coastal walk along the east side of the island to The Horse of Burravoe, where as well as stunning seascape vista’s we enjoy the small colonies of seabirds along the cliffs where PuffinsKittiwakeShagGuillemotRazorbill and Fulmar can be seen as well as an Arctic Tern colony (which we give a responsibly wide berth to avoid unsettling the birds) along the way. There is always a chance of cetaceans off shore here as well. After our walk we call into the fascinating Old Haa Museum.

During the afternoon we will tour north through the island to Cullivoe, Breckon and Gloup. This is a stunning part of the island with vista’s across Bluemull Sound and north all the way up to the wild, western side of Unst to Hermaness and Muckle Flugga Lighthouse. At the very end of the road we come to the Gloup where as well as enjoying the remoteness and beauty we visit the fisherman’s memorial.

Our route back south across the island will take us down the west side of the isle where we will visit West Sandwick, enjoying yet another marvellous and picturesque sand beach before returning to Ulsta and the return ferry.

Prices and Booking

Small Group Tour

To give our guests the best experience our small group tours are limited to a maximum of eight people.

Tour Cost: £135 per person

Please note the tour can only run with a minimum of two people. If you are travelling solo and we are unable to match you with a group, we will offer you a tour at the two person cost equivalent, or a full refund.

Private Tour

Exclusive booking is a very popular option for our day tours. A private tour can be arranged for the following tariffs:

  • One-to two people: £370
  • Three people: £505
  • Four people: £640
  • Groups of 5-8: £155 per person

Advance booking for our tours is essential.

Duration: Usually around 6-7 hours, with a start time between 09:00 and 09.30, depending on number of pick-ups required.

Refreshments: A light snack will be available as a courtesy (dependent on current COVID regulations). A grab and go is our default option for lunch. Most guests want to maximise their time with us and see as much as they can see, so we can make a stop for you to pick up something on route, or you may wish to bring a packed lunch.

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