Shetland Otter & Puffin Photo-assignment

A unique photo assignment focussing on two of Europe’s most iconic, adorable and charismatic species – the Otter and the Puffin.

  • Unrivalled local knowledge of species & sites
  • Species specific assignment on Otters & Puffins
  • Exclusivity of small group of only four to six photographers
  • Expertise of two well-known leaders
  • Six nights all inclusive accommodation
  • Opportunity to learn techniques and field craft skills

This exciting ‘species specific assignment’ provides photographers an opportunity to work exclusively on capturing a portfolio of inspiring images by working exclusively on the Eurasian Otter and the Atlantic Puffin, through the collaborative leadership, local knowledge and expertise of native Shetland naturalist Brydon Thomason, award winning photographer Richard Shucksmith and well known bird photographer, Rebecca Nason.

The Headline Acts

The Atlantic Puffin

There are few birds better known than the Atlantic Puffin. What other species encapsulates such traits as beauty, charisma, excitement and comedy better? Riding out the long winter months in the open ocean, rarely in sight of land and through the toughest storms, Puffins are as hardy as they are beautiful. Arriving back on land to their underground cliff-top colonies in spring, they spend just a few months ashore to raise their young.

By working on some of Shetland’s (and arguably Britain’s) best locations this itinerary offers an unrivalled photographic opportunity to create an exciting and diverse Puffin portfolio of images.

Each destination offers the opportunity to create different images through composition, techniques and use of light. Example of possible images we will work on creating;

  • Various portrait composition from individual to groups of birds
  • Wide angle landscape compositions, taking in dramatic backdrops of cliffs & seascapes
  • Sunrise/sunset to get the purest light & silhouette/backlit evening (cloud cover depending)
  • Puffins in flight
  • Behaviour and interaction

The Eurasian Otter

This is undoubtedly one of the most sought after, challenging and ultimately rewarding subjects for wildlife photographers in Europe. Few creatures encapsulate both the ‘aw’ and the ‘wow’ factors like Otters do; from their stealthy hunting and predatory abilities to the intimate, adorable and playful antics of a mother and her cubs.

Otters are captivating loveable animals, full of character and interesting behaviour that lead fascinating lives and are highly evolved to exploit both the underwater and terrestrial environments. They are shy, but with knowledge of how they live, what signs to look for and how to approach them, they can be observed in their natural environment and their behaviour can be studied.

Our combined knowledge of Otters and the remote locations they inhabit is unrivalled. We work on these elusive creatures all year and study many sites so we know where is active and when. In addition to capturing images of these elusive creatures we will be covering the following;

  • Otter field skills; finding and reading the signs
  • How to read and interpret otter behaviour
  • Hone and improve field craft, essential when working with such shy animals
  • Working within the otters environment; how to use the elements to maximise opportunities

For recent Otter images visit Brydon’s Otter photography blog.

Also featuring …

Through this assignment we will also take time to work on other iconic species and even the chance to perhaps experiment with landscape work too, (group willing)! Sharing the breathtaking cliffs of Hermaness for example we will have some fabulous opportunities to work on Gannets and, on route to the cliffs, Great Skua too.

The Itinerary

This action packed five day itinerary will be split over the two species equally and guests will rotate so that there is only two with each guide throughout most days. This adds a real element of exclusivity to the itinerary and in some ways this is closer to a one-to-one assignment.

The itinerary is also suitable and works well for group size of less than four, such as a bespoke itinerary with one leader.

Our combined species and location knowledge working in Shetland is unrivalled. Intimate knowledge of the sites and behaviour of the species is key to the success of these itineraries. Knowing each nook and cranny and especially how our subjects use them and when images can be shot. really ensure our guests are in the right place at the right time. This might be the best cliff top spot for Puffins taken on wide angle with dramatic backdrop; sunset silhouettes against the setting sun or where to shoot them in flight as they come in to land- all this is affected by many elements such as light and wind direction, we ensure our guests are in the right place at the right time.

Early starts and late finishes will be expected (but always the chance to opt out) to make best use of light and possibly to work around optimum tide times for Otter activity.

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Also available as bespoke/one to one itinerary – please ask for details

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