The Shetland Otter Experience Holiday

Holiday overview

  • Maximum of just six guests
  • Five nights full board accommodation and four days watching otters
  • Led by the most experienced & well known otter guides
  • Unrivalled local knowledge built around 30 years experience of Shetlands otters
  • Explore the highest density of Eurasian otter in Europe
  • Learn tracking & field craft skills & about otters behaviour & ecology
  • Support the International Otter Survival Fund
Holiday not running in 2021
Photo by Brydon Thomason

A totally unique holiday dedicated to otters, led by otter addicts – for otter addicts! This holiday profiles one of Britain’s most loved, captivating and admired mammals, led by well known otter guides.

There are few experiences can match the excitement of tracking wild otters along a beautiful remote Shetland shoreline. Add to this the delight in watching them go about their daily routines whilst learning about their ecology and behaviour and you have an experience never to be forgotten.

Not many wildlife spectacles come closer to capturing the essence of Shetland wilderness than watching otters. Shetland is one of the best places in Europe to watch otters owing to the highest densities in Europe, their diurnal feeding habits and the geology of the beautiful open and remote shorelines and yet despite this, they are notoriously elusive and often hard to find. Many visitors hoping to simply ‘bump into’ an otter go home disappointed.

Each day we will set out to explore Shetlands best otter ranges and territories which stretch along some of the most remote and beautiful shores in Shetland. These itineraries are intuitively set around the best tide times to maximize our time in the field so we are out when the otters are. Having two bases over the itinerary also logistically offers us a wider range of sites to enjoy throughout the islands.

At each site we will discuss and share our knowledge of the families that we know there and have been studying through the seasons and be able to offer insight in to some of the animals history, such as there age or even family relationships between different individuals. This is an insight we always feel very privileged to share and something that is only possible with many years experience studying Shetlands otters.

Our unrivalled experience and local knowledge

We work with and study otters all year round, from the point at which the cubs are first brought above ground to the time when they leave their mothers to find a territory of their own. Through the seasons we study and monitor the many sites we use so we always have up to date and unrivalled field knowledge of otters in Shetland.

With the combination of our unrivalled otter guiding experience, knowledge of otters and the local environment we offer our guests the opportunity to learn about the ecology and behaviour of these adorable and fascinating mammals as well as the importance of fieldcraft needed to enjoy them responsibly.

Otters are protected by law and we take our responsibility to them very seriously and operate under a license authorised by Scottish Natural Heritage.

The geography and terrain must also be considered so as to suit a client’s ability. A reasonable level of fitness is essential as reaching some of the best locations will often mean leisurely walks over uneven terrain and shorelines.

For every guest that books on this otter-tastic holiday we make a donation to the IOSF and a Supporter pack will be sent out to you.

Holiday not running in 2021