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Shetland Otter Watching Experience

Within minutes of meeting him I knew he also had an empathy for wildlife which only comes with years of experience gained from watching and following animals closely… excellent local knowledge and field craft… Otters are not easy to find let alone follow, but Brydon was able to read the signs and locate them quickly… Manuel Hinge (BBC Wildlife Film maker)

There are few experiences can match the excitement of tracking wild otters along a beautiful remote Shetland shoreline. Add to this the delight in watching them go about their daily routines whilst learning about their ecology and behaviour and you have an experience never to be forgotten – and this is a speciality for which we are renowned.

Not many wildlife spectacles come close capturing the essence of Shetland wilderness than watching otters. Shetland is one of the best places in Europe to watch otters owing to some of the highest densities in the Britain, their diurnal feeding habits and the geology of the shorelines and yet despite this, they are notoriously elusive and often hard to find. Many visitors hoping to simply ‘bump into’ an otter go home disappointed.

Our unrivalled experience and local knowledge

We work with and study otters all year round, from the point at which the cubs are first brought above ground to the time when they leave their mothers to find a territory of their own. Through the seasons we study and monitor the many sites we use so we always have up to date and unrivalled field knowledge of otters in Shetland.

With the combination of our unrivalled otter guiding experience, knowledge of otters and the local environment we offer our guests the opportunity to learn about the ecology and behaviour of these adorable and fascinating mammals as well as the importance of fieldcraft needed to enjoy them responsibly.

Otters are protected by law and we take our responsibility to them very seriously and operate under a license authorised by Scottish Natural Heritage.

We run otter watching experiences all year round and are proud to delight more visitors with otter encounters than any other and hope we can do the same for you. Rest assured no one will try harder or with more passion or enthusiasm.

When and how

Knowing when, where and how to look for these wonderful little mammals is essential, not just for the observer experience but more importantly to avoid disturbance. We ensure the otters well being comes first at all times. Choosing to spend a day or two with an expert guide will offer unique and exclusive opportunities to watch otters in the wild, learn about their behaviour and search for the tracks and signs that reveal their presence.

Important information

Please be sure to accurately let us know your physical ability. Generally speaking the sites we visit will involve coastal walks, usually of just two to three miles across low lying but often uneven terrain such as along the seashore. We can however and often do put trips together for guests who would not feel suited to the above.

It is important to note the sensitivities when planning this tour and know that our Shetland otter experience is best suited for two people or for small parties of up to for guests. Special arrangements can be made for slightly larger groups for families or experienced wildlife watchers travelling together.

Cost & Booking

Tour Cost: £120 per person – please note the trip will only run if there is a minimum cost of two people booked

Please note advance booking essential

Private Bookings: Exclusive booking for private tours is very popular for our day tours. These can be arranged for the following tariffs:
  • One-to-two people: £340
  • Three people: £460
  • Four people: £580

Group and Family Bookings: Contact us for quote for groups larger than four people or for family booking.

Meeting arrangements: Since otters behaviour in Shetland tends to be governed by the tides our time in the field will be arranged around the timings of low water.

Further information:
Please note as we may spend long periods out on the shore it is important to wear suitably warm and waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear suitable for wet ground. Avoid wearing bright colours.

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Bespoke otter watching packages

For clients wishing to indulge themselves and further explore the secret lives of our elusive otters, we can arrange exclusive longer trips to suit your needs at any time of year. This is thoroughly recommended for photographers and dedicated otter-watchers.


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