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Boat trip with Simon King

Posted by Brydon Thomason on Saturday 30th January 2010 | News, Sea Mammals in Shetland, TV Appearances

Brydon with Simon

Over the past two summers we have been working closely with Simon King and his team helping towards the forthcoming documentary on Simon’s love affair for the Shetland Isles.

As well as keeping Simon and his team up to date with regular sightings and updates from around the Isles, our local knowledge has played a continual role in much of the research and also filming.

Searching for Killer whales

Following a very successful attempt along with the North Atlantic Killer Whale ID team at locating the herring feeding Orca off- shore, we set out with Simon and co eager to film a feeding frenzy.

Although a prolonged search (again working in close association with Andy Foote and Volker Deeke of the Killer Whale ID team) did not result in locating the Orca, the day out was far from a fruitless.

White Sided Dolphins

Some four or five miles North of Muckle Flugga (the Northernmost tip of Unst) Brydon and Vaila managed to spot a distant feeding frenzy of thousands of Gannets. Knowing all too well that whatever food source would attract such a mêlée of feeding seabirds would also very likely attract cetaceans, as indeed it had, some way up to, (or perhaps over) 1,000 White-sided dolphins – potentially the largest super pod ever recorded off Shetland.

The atmosphere was electric, with dolphins breaking the surface quite literally as far as the eye could see and the sky filled with gregarious gannets piercing into the ocean like arrows all around us. A just reward for our efforts indeed.

Leading the field for the ‘Birding media’

Posted by Brydon Thomason on Saturday 30th January 2010 | Birding in Shetland, News

(From left) Brydon Thomason, Roger Ridington, Fiona Barclay (Birdguides), Mike Weedon (Birdwatching Magaziene) Martin Garner and Dominic Mitchell (Birdwatch Magaziene) minutes after identifying Britains third ever Taiga Flycatcher - the smiles say it all!

The birds were far from the only focus, we took time out to show the team our other speciality with some gripping otter watching...

In a bid to introduce some of the leading names from the nations Birding media to Shetlands legendary autumn migration, we put together a thrilling long weekend birding trip, with the vision being to showcase our innovative 2010 Autumn Birding holidays.

Lead by Brydon Thomason, Roger Ridington and Martin Garner, the top team of publicists (consisting of Fiona Barclay of Birdguides, Dominic Mitchell of Birdwatch and Mike Weedon of Birdwatching magazine) new that they could not have wished for better hosts as they each made their Island autumn debut.

Taiga Flycatcher

The weekend excelled beyond all our expectations and simply could not have been scripted better. With the incredible discovery of a Taiga flycatcher, (a third for Britain!!) by the team, the whole ethos of what our birding trips are about and much of our key aims and objectives were wonderfully illustrated; team work, sharing knowledge, inspiring others and the thrill of finding, identifying and enjoying your own ‘rares’ in a remote and crowdless environment.

No Frontiers

Posted by Brydon Thomason on Saturday 30th January 2010 | News, TV Appearances

Brydon (left) with the No Frontiers filmcrew

Irish Televisions RTE1’s No Frontiers film crew during a day out with Brydon in search of otters in August. No Frontiers is one Ireland’s most popular top ten television shows. They are essentially a travel and holiday show, the nearest UK equivalent would be the old BBC show ‘Holiday’. No Frontiers is broadcast on Ireland’s number one television station, the state broadcaster RTE 1, in a prime time slot on Sunday evenings at 7.30pm. No Frontiers runs from January to April and this will be their twelfth year on air.