Otter Photography in Shetland 2010

Posted by Brydon Thomason on Saturday 18th December 2010 | News

As the final few days of 2010 draw to a close and as 2011’s calendar continues to fill in (already close to capacity for my Otter photography calendar) I thought it was a nice time to reflect on the past season, of both my own and more importantly my client’s Otter images.

I am pleased to say that my continued success rate remains and I have yet to have a single a day that a photographer has gone home disappointed! This year’s very busy season of photographers seeking to capture their own images of Shetlands wild Otters included some well-known names such as David Tipling, Peter Cairns, Mark Hamblin and Chris Gomersall (follow their links to read their testimonials).

As recommended most photographers chose two-three days (often more) which is certainly the most productive option; simply maximising the potential of photographic encounters and a better chance of hitting good light or weather conditions and more time to visit a variety of my favourite sites.

Throughout the season of Otter photography there were some early starts and some late finishes; some wild weather but also some wonderful- but there were always images to take away!

Here is a selection of some of my client’s images from this season;

These are some of my own images and favourites from this season;

And I am proud to recommend our wildlife photography clothing sponsors Stealth Gear, which I was wearing when taking all the images above.